Bestfriend To Itunu Babalola Reveals How Itunu Got Arrested And Was Sentenced To Jail

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Itunu Babalola’s best friend, Adah, who also lives in ivory coast said that Itunu arrived at Ivory Coast in the year 2018.

She said Itunu Babalola had served in a beer palour which is popularly known as Abrom bar Bondoukou.

The beer palour was at least 330 kilometre from Abidjan, city in Ivory coast

So one day, a thief broke into her house to steal her TV and shoes and at that time, she was preparing to come back to Nigeria to visit her family.

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Itunu asked one of her colleagues to sleep in her house for a night so that the thief would be afraid to steal her remaining house furniture and stuffs.

Itunu’s best friend added that Itunu traveled back to Nigeria in the year 2019 to visit her family, but one night, the thief came back to steal again but this time, the boyfriend of her friend was in the house, so he took a photo of the thief.

Itunu was called back to Ivory coast, after they told her that they know who the thief is and when she came back, she reported the case to the police station.

Because the family of the thief has connection, the police asked Itunu to drop the case, but she refused.

Itunu babalola

She carried the case to court, and had an order from the court to charge the thief.

Just a day after she got the order, the police came to her house with a 14 year-old girl who was crying, and the girl accused Itunu of doing prostitution and human trafficking. Saying that Itunu was selling the girl to men and the 14 year old was bringing the returns to her.

Even though Itunu said she did noy know the little girl and never had any dealings with her, the police refused to listen. They kept Itunu in police custody for three days and later, imprisoned her.

Adah, Itunu’s best friend said at that time she traveled from Ivory coast, so she does not know much but what she knows is that they had a lawyer to represent her in court.

But finally, Itunu was convicted and she was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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