Woman Pours Hot Water On Maid In Rivers State

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The Rivers State Police Force has arrested a woman and mother, who is identified as Oluchi Chinedu Nkemjika, for domestic assault and child abuse because she poured hot water on her 9-year-old house help.

The 9-year-old girl is currently in critical condition in the hospital because of the serious burns she suffered from the hot water that the woman poured on her.

The housekeeper, whose name is not publicly known, was critically injured as her back and buttocks had severe burns.

Reports say that Oluchi Chinedu Nkemjika allegedly poured hot water on the househelp because she beat her child and her neighbours were the ones who reported the case to the state police.

Woman pours hot water on maid

One of the neighbours, Sam Chukwuejina, who reported the case to the police, told BBC Pidgin that he was angry when he saw the burns on the little girl’s body and the fact that the madam injured hid the house help in her house for four days.

When we asked the woman, she said she was going to the pharmacy to buy drugs which she was using to treat her house, but when I saw the little girl, I said no, we must report this to the Egbelu Police Station. The neighbor said.

The Chairman of Paradise Avenue, where the woman was living with her family and house help, said before the woman released the house help, they had to force her.

The community asked the state police to investigate the case really well, and the Rivers State Police force said what the woman did was a serious offence under child rights law, so they have transferred the case to the State Criminal Investigation Department to handle.

Source: BBC Pidgin

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