Zamfara Police Arrest 3 Persons Who Eat And Sell Human Parts

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In Zamfara state, police said that they have arrested four people who eat and sell human body parts.

The suspects are 20 years old, 57 years old, 17 years old, and 14 years old.

The Zamfara state police commissioner, Ayuba Elkana, was the one who paraded the suspects before reporters on Thursday in Gusau, the capital of Zamfara, where he added that it was a corpse that they found in an uncompleted building that led to their arrests.

Police arrest men who eat humans

They found the corpse with its hands and legs tied and some body parts missing.

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The father of a nine-year-old body earlier reported to the police that his son was missing and, as they investigated, they uncovered this case.

On December 12, Yakubu Ali reported to Gusau central station that his son, nine-year-old Ahmad Yakubu, was missing.

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Later, we discovered a corpse in an uncompleted building, which we took to the hospital for autopsy.

According to the police, the first suspect, who is the father of 19 children, paid up to N500,000 to the remaining three to supply him with human body parts for his consumption.

They said they used an intelligence report to arrest all the suspects, and they found two human eyes, p*nis, intestines, and an oesophagus with Aminu Baba.

Police said they charged the suspects in court after they finished their investigations.

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