Obinze: Government Investigates After People Die Of Alleged ‘Food Poisoning’

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Authorities have confirmed the death of some people in Obinze, Imo state.

Reports of the death of the people came out on Monday, but local sources say the incident happened on Sunday night, in Obinze, Imo state.

The number of people killed in the incident is also unclear—the Imo specialist hospital says six people died, but the Imo state government says four people died.

They kept the dead body in Imo state specialist hospital Umuguma, Owerri’s west local government area.


The incident occurred in Obokwu/Umuekpu village, Obinze, Owerri West Local Government Area of the State.

Some Reports says that the people died of food poisoning, while some died “mysteriously”.

Reports say that the people are members of the same family who died.

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But Dr Success Prosper-Ohayagha, Commissioner of Health in Imo State, says the cause of death is not clear.

“Any reports which said they died due to food poisoning are fake reports, it us until we do a post mortem test before we know what really killed them, ” He said.”

According to him, 11 people were transported from the scene of the incident to the hospital.

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“Four have already died out of eleven. The remainder are collecting treatment. They have different levels of unconsciousness and they have started taking treatment.”

“We have already informed the police and we are analysing the situation.” He said

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