Hotels In Fear As They Close Down Due To Anambra Election

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An audio message which has gone viral on WhatsApp has caused panic in some parts of Anambra state, ahead of the 6th of November Anambra election.

The audio message, which many Nigerians have shared on social media, has misled Nigerians and the people of Anambra state.

“Hotels must not take any guests and they should shut down their business,” a man said in the Whatsapp audio message.

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Because of the audio message, hotels closed their shops in parts of Anambra state.

Local reports say that the viral WhatsApp audio message has made many Nigerians afraid. Even villagers who reside in Anambra state are afraid.

Hotel close down because of Anambra Election

“We have information that we should not open for business because of the Anambra election. Even though it is propaganda, we must still close. We do not want any problems with these boys, ” An hotel manager said.

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