BBTitans: Marvin Wins The Arena Game, Gets Rewarded (Video)

BBTitans: Marvin Wins The Arena Game, Gets Rewarded (Video)

Today, Big Brother decided to assign a task to all of the housemates, which the housemates found interesting and entertaining. Housemates were told to go to the arena room in order to play the arena game, and they did so.

When they entered the arena room, Big Brother instructed them on how to play the game, and anyone who wins will receive a specific amount of money.

The housemates were determined to win the task as soon as Big Brother mentioned the grand prize.

BBTitans: Marvin Wins The Arena Game, Gets Rewarded (Video)

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Housemates competed individually in the game, and Marvin won the task because he completed it faster than the other housemates.

Big Brother praised Marvin’s quickness and congratulated him on completing the task. Marvin received a monetary award of $1,000. Housemates were pleased for him and congratulated him.


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