BBTitans: Yemi Catches Khosi Flirting With Thabang (Video)

BBTitans: Yemi Catches Khosi Flirting With Thabang (Video)

Yemi has noticed some changes in Khosi and is dissatisfied with them. Yemi was furious after catching Khosi flirting with Thabang after yesterday’s cookie challenge.

He decided to share his feelings with Marvin, telling him that Khosi does not want him to interact with other girls in the house, but she continues to associate with other guys like Thabang.

He stated that Khosi’s relationship with Thabang is not casual and that there is something serious going on between them because he witnessed them conversing and touching each other in a way that ordinary friends cannot.

BBTitans: Yemi Catches Khosi Flirting With Thabang (Video)

Yemi told Marvin that Khosi enjoys being in charge and that she prefers him to please her rather than himself.

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Yemi told Marvin that her controlling attitude caused her to argue with Nelisa before Blue Aiva entered the picture, and that she is now flirting with Thabang in his presence.


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