World Leaders Condemn Russia’s Invasion On Ukraine

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World leaders are responding as the world wakes up to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

“This is among the darkest hours in Europe since World War Two” – these are the words of EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell.

He said nuclear power, which attacks a neighboring country and is threatening any state which comes to its rescue, is the greatest violation of international law and a violation of the basic principles of human co-existence.

“The EU would impose the harshest sanctions it has ever given,” he said. The European

Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, has condemned Vladimir Putin for bringing war back to Europe.

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She spoke for Brussels as she announced that they would propose a package of massive sanctions later in a bid to weaken the country’s economic base and its capacity to modernise.

She said this after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a special military operation in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region.

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As West ponders sanctions, China blames West for crisis

In a televised address, he urged Ukrainian soldiers who are facing the rebels to surrender their weapons and return to their homes.

Russia invades Ukraine

Mr. Putin said the country did not plan to occupy Ukraine, but rather to warn that Moscow’s response would be an instant one if anyone tries to challenge the country.

World leaders have condemned the country for its actions.

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