Woman Reveals She Shares Her Husband With Her Mother And Sister

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A woman, who is identified by her name on Tiktok, Madi Brooks, said that she and her mother are sleeping with the same man, and added that she sees nothing wrong with it.

Madi Brooks and her husband are in an open relationship as they are allowed to exchange sexual partners.

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Madi Brooks and her husband have their own relationship and can also have an open relationship with other people.

In a viral Tiktok video, Madi, who lives wither husband in the United States Of America, revealed that she and her mother are swingers, and they are happy about it.

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“Yeah, I am that kind of wife. I let my husband be with her a number of days in a week.” She said.

Madi added that she does not only share her husband with her mother but also with her sister.

“You want to know how I am keeping my man happy? I let him play with my little sister.” She added.

Madi Brooks
Madi Brooks’ Mother and Sister

Madi said if she was not in the mood, she would be happy if her mum slept with her husband, because, according to her, she, her mother, and her husband are swingers. It is not still clear if her mother stays in their matrimonial home.

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