Wife Of Pastor Who Allegedly Worked Together With His Wife To Rape A Chorister, Says She Was Not Involved

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The wife of the CAC pastor who was accused of raping a choir member in their church denies the accusation, saying she was not involved.

According to her, they have been married for almost 15 years and are blessed with three children.

My husband is a bricklayer. Before we did pastoral work five years ago, they told us to listen to God’s call. She said.

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Pastor And Wife Who Worked Together To Rape A Chorister Denies Accusations

“I am the choir mistress of the church. The choir consists of seven people, and there are three females and four males. The girl (the victim) is also a member of the choir.” She revealed.

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“She had a leg injury, and I took her to get treatment on her leg before I stopped going with them for her treatment. I thought that it was from there that they went alone, and my husband started talking to her.” She added,

“About three weeks ago, on Wednesday, my husband asked me to help call her to come and meet him in his room, saying he wanted to send her on an errand. When I noticed that she was staying inside for too long, I went inside, but to my surprise, I saw a blood stain on our bed and I found the girl crying. That was when I realised that my husband had defiled her.”

“I shouted, cried, and wanted to escalate the situation, but my husband begged me not to expose her.” She said

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