Why Young Nigerians Want To Do Yahoo Yahoo Money Rituals – Obi Cubana

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Obi Iyiegbu, who is popularly known as Obi Cubana, explains why Nigerian youths want to do money rituals by blaming the get-rich-fast syndrome in Nigeria on family and societal pressures.

On Monday, in an Instagram post, Obi Cubana highlighted the need for people to start shifting their values and teach Nigerian youths to learn to love and accept themselves and not live above their means.

He explained that societal and family pressures affect the entire community. These could pressure youths, even teenagers, into Yahoo! (cybercrime) and money r!tuals.

“In a world where we want everything fast, youths are often faced with a lot of pressure from both society and members of their families.” He said

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“Our youths are constantly forced to act and feel a certain way, and society enjoys dictating how they should behave.

They feel the pressure of fitting into society’s norm, and while the family is fun, it can also be full of tensions. ” He added

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Societal/family pressures responsible for vices surge among youths – Obi Cubana

The businessman stated that pressures on youths to meet certain standards often lead to harmful outcomes.

He also stated that a lot of young people are depressed because of the pressure and stress created by the society and families.

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Many of them abuse drugs and binge drinking.

Many young people have to leave school just to be the fend for their families, especially young girls, who are on the streets because they need to send money home.

The Anambra native described the pressures on youths as “pressure from work to meet a certain target, particularly in the banking sector, and pressure from society to dress or look a certain way.”

There is pressure from school to pass exams and get a certain grade, pressure from the local churches to donate for one thing or another, and pressure from friends.

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“Even on social media, some are now depressed for not getting a certain number of likes on their posts,” he added.

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