“Why We Bullied Sylvester Oromoni In The First Place” – Anonymous

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“Let me tell you something, my brother liked Sylvester Oromoni’s sister and she said no, so we took revenge on her brother”

This was what an anonymous instagram user who claims to be one of the boys who bullied Sylvester Oromoni, said in a screenshot which has gone viral on social media.

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“My Father Is A Friend To The Chief Justice, You Cannot Do Anything To Us” – One Of The Bullies Who Attacked Sylvester Oromoni,…

In the screenshot, the anonymous user who is identified as @justicefordowenboys_, revealed why he and his friends bullied Sylvester, saying that it was because his elder sister rejected his brother’s feelings and he and his friends bullied Sylvester for revenge.

Why We Bullied Sylvester Oromoni

“Please drop this case if you want peace, Because nothing will bring that boy back. Even his parents are calm”

“You do not have proof against us to use in court, we are currently not in nigeria and we will not be coming back. You can not do anything to us” He threatened


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