Popular American Rapper, Eminem, Has Millions Of Followers on Social Media But Follows No One


Popular American Rapper, Eminem with his actual name being Marshall Mathers now has over 33 million Instagram followers. Only 607 posts on the meta-owned network were shared by the Detroit rapper to attain the milestone.

It’s quite surprising that in spite of this, Eminem follows no one, not even the celebrities that follow him. This act of his was once questioned by someone on Twitter, as it appears that this cuts across all his social media accounts. Eminem said, “Always be a leader, not a follower.”


Marshall Mathers, has a Twitter following of over 23 million people. Among the Detroit rapper’s fans are TV, Hollywood stars, sports, and music personalities. The musician has recently used his Twitter and Instagram accounts to demonstrate support for people in his hometown in the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic.

Eminem: Twitter And Instagram Accounts

Eminem: twitter account
Eminem: Instagram account

His Twitter account also shows that since joining the platform, he has not liked a single post.

From the pictures, it is clear that he proclaims himself as a leader and not a follower of nobody.

He can not see tweets from other people because he doesn’t follow anyone on any of his accounts so he can not like any of them.

In his words yet again, “Always be a leader, not a follower.”

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