What You Need To Know About Late Ernest Shonekan

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Nigerians have taken to their social media accounts to mourn the death of former Nigeria leader, Ernest Shonekan.

Ernest Shonekan died in Lagos State at the age of 85.

Former Nigerian senator and Ben Murray Bruce tweeted that Ernest Shonekan was a very special person to him and his family.

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“I will visit him, and he will tell me the challenges that he faced that made him close Kingsway stores. great man. We will miss him dearly. ” Former Nigerian senator, Ben Murray Bruce, said

Ernest Shonekan was the 9th head of state in Nigeria and was the interim head of the Nigerian government from August 26 to November 17, 1993.

It was a coup that was carried out by the late General Sani Abacha, who removed Shonekan from his office.

Ernest Shonekan

Before his death, Ernest Shonekan was a lawyer, the former Chief Executive of the United African Company of Nigeria Plc (UAC), and an industrialist.

He was appointed as the Interim President of Nigeria by General Ibrahim Babangida in the year 1993, and on the 2nd of January, 1993, Ermest Shonekan assumed office as head of the transitional council and head of government under General Babangida.

At that time, they designed the transitional council to be the final phase that would lead to the handover of the elected democratic leader of the Third Nigerian Republic.

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General Ibrahim Babangida later resigned from office in August 1993, after they cancelled the June 12 presidential election.

He had signed a decree to establish the Interim National Government, which Shonekan led, and they swore him in as Head of State.

Three months into his administration, he was overthrown in a palace coup by Dani Abacha in November, 2021.

Ernest Shonekan founded the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, which is an advocacy group and a policy institute for the private sector-led development of the Nigerian economy.

Ernest Shonekan later became an elder statesman.

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