“We Are Currently Investigating, We Will Arrest The People Involved In Sylvester Oromoni’s Death” – Lagos State Police

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The Lagos State Police assured the public that they will focus on two things that concern Sylvester Oromoni’s death.

The Commissioner of Lagos state police, Hakeem Odumosu, was the one who revealed this news during an interview with BBC Pidgin on Sylvester Oromoni’s death

Yesterday, the commissioner of police said they will not waste time arresting and prosecuting people who are involved in the death of Sylvester Oromoni at Dowen College, which is located in Lekki.

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The police gave this interview after the Lagos state government closed down the school because of the incident, which has been condemned by many Nigerians.

Hakeem Odumosu, Commissioner of Lagos State Police, said the police will not turn a blind eye to the incident; they will investigate it thoroughly.

Hakeem Odumosu said an investigation into the incident has begun and the police will take action immediately after their investigation is done.

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“Definitely, we will be arresting the people involved in his death when the time has come.” When we see the outcome of the investigation, we will arrest them, “the commissioner stated.

When BBC Pidgin asked the commissioner if the police were considering arresting or inviting suspects, the commissioner replied by saying that one thing was for sure: the police would be arrested after the investigation.

The commissioner of Lagos State Police added that the police command would take their time to find out what truly happened.

Sylvester Oromoni

“We will not rely on rumors on the internet and social media. We will take our time to do our investigation, which will include the medical report of the Sylvester Oromoni”

“We will also do an autopsy, but it will not stop our investigation. We are looking into two things because of allegations and counter allegations”

“One is if they truly beat the boy or whether it was a football injury that killed him. The medical report will still tell us what the cause of death was, ” He added.

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