Volcano Eruption Happens In Indonesia, The World Prays For Indonesians Safety

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According to reports, 13 people died on Saturday in a volcano eruption in Indonesia, and this information was released this morning, the 5th of December, 2021, by the National Disaster Management Agency.

41 people were injured following the eruption of Mount Semeru.

Two dead victims are identified as coming from the Pronojiwo District, Lumajang Regency, Kobokan and Kubuan clusters, and East Java.

The Acting Head of BNPB and Head of Data and Information, Abdul Muhari, and the other 11 victims are still being identified by the Lumajang BPBD.

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Videos which have gone viral on social media show people who were running from clouds of ash which were coming out of Mount Semeru.

Eyewitnesses said nearby villages were covered with debris, and thick smoke covered the sun, making the whole area dark.

On social media, the hashtag “pray for Semeru” is now a trend across the world.

The deputy chief of Lumajang district said the number of people who were injured was 41, and they are suffering from burns from the eruption.

Volcano Eruption Happens In Indonesia, The World Prays For Indonesians Safety

Indah Masdar called for helicopters to rescue the people who were trapped inside buildings.

“We are in great distress,” she said. “It was scary. All their families were crying.”

The Indonesian disaster mitigation agency (BNPB) later said 35 people are receiving treatment in the local medical facilities.

However, evacuation efforts were disturbed by power blackouts, choking smoke, and rainstorms during the eruption, which turned the debris into mud.

An Indonesian local official named Thoriqul Haq told Reuters that a road and bridge from the area to the nearby city of Malang are currently blocked.

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Authorities have moved many Indonesians to shelters and safer areas.

The volcanic eruption happened around 14:30 local time in Indonesia (07:30 am Green Median Time).

Evacuation efforts are being affected by power cuts, thick smoke, and heavy rain during the eruption, which resulted in muddy road conditions.

Residents who live in areas that were badly affected by the lava flood are reportedly isolated due to a collapsed connecting bridge.

Eyewitnesses said the Perak Bridge in Candi Puro District was broken due to the hotness of the lava flood.

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