Virus That Affects Over 90% Of Women All Over The World

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Human Papillomavirus (also popularly known by its abbreviation, HPV) is a name for a very common group of viruses.

There are over 100 different types of HPV infections and they don’t usually cause any symptoms. Although there are some types of HPV that cause warts.

Most people do not know if they are infected with the virus, and their bodies will fight the virus without any treatment.

On the other hand, high-risk types of HPV can cause abnormal tissue growth which can lead to any type of cancer.

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What can I do to protect myself from HPV?

The HPV vaccine, also known as Gardasil, can protect women against nine types of Human Papillomavirus, HPB.

The nine types include two that cause nearly all cases of cervical cancer, those that cause most anal cancers, and those that cause head, neck, ear, and genital cancers.

Studies and research have shown that the vaccine protects women against Human Papillomavirus infection for at least 10 years.

Although many scientists and doctors who are experienced in these types of cases expect the protection to last much longer than 10 years.

HPV virus

The first major study says the HPV vaccine is very effective, as it destroys cases of cervical cancer by nearly 90%.

The major research was published in the Lancet and they studied what happened after the vaccine was introduced to girls and women in England in the year 2008.

The HPV vaccine works best if girls and boys take it before they contact the virus.

This is because the vaccine can only prevent infection; it can not clear the body of the virus once someone contacts it.

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The virus spreads fast, and for the vaccine to work, children are supposed to be immunised against it before they become sexually active.

New research has discovered that the HPV vaccine can reduce cases of cervical cancer by almost 90 percent.

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer which affects women around the world. It kills more than 300,000 women per year.

Which means you have to take the HPV vaccine to prevent the virus

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