Rising Nollywood Actress, Veronica Takor, Found Dead In A Hotel Room In Benue State

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Veronica Takor, was found dead in an hotel room in Benue state, and the police have arrested three suspects.

The Nollywood actress’ friends and family are demanding justice.

Anene Catherine, a Benue state police spokesperson, was the one who confirmed her death.

“The fact is that we received a report of a young woman, Mngohol Takor, who died. Police went to the hotel to find her dead.

The suspects the police arrested claim that they were just in a drinking competition. They were friends who were playing, but as time passed, she started acting strangely and started choking.”

“So they tried to assist her with some milk to drink and relax herself. But after a while, she gave up. ”

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Her mother

“This is the suspect’s revelation. But we, the police, require medical assistance, including autopsies to determine the cause of death.” the spokesperson said

Locals and family members of the victim clarified that the Mngohol Takor the police was talking about is Takor Veronica, as ‘Mngohol’ is her tribal name.

The Police said they did not see any marks of violence on Takor Veronica’s body.

“At the point when we met her, there was no mark of violence on her.”

“But we picked up the corpse and deposited it at the hospital morgue for autopsy.” They said

Sposkesperson Anene Catherine said the hotel where they found her dead body was located in Makurdi metropolis.

Veronica Takor

Veronica Mngohol Takor is an actress and 200-level microbiology student at Benue State University (BSU), Markurdi.

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Friends mourn as actress Takor Veronica is found dead in a hotel room

Her sister, Takor Sarah Doowuese said she recently featured in a movie titled “The Devil Must Bow”.

A co-actor of hers, Kelvin, said Veronica had also featured in some local Benue movies before she died

“And she was also supposed to act in a movie that is yet to come out” He said

Veronica Takor’s mother, Philomena Takor, said Veronica had to leave the house as early as 7:00AM on Saturday, March 19, 2022, to go to Wadata Market to buy okrika to re-sell.

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After Veronica finished buying, she dropped the okrika [ second-hand clothes] at where she sells and rushed home around 12 noon to take her bath before she went to her small shop to sell.

So, when her mama and sister later went to check on her to see if she was selling clothes, she was not around.

When they asked the POS girl who was near her shop, for her whereabouts, she said Veronica told her she was going out, but she would be back in 5 minutes.

“We called all night. Her phone was switched off. And I got worried since we could not reach her, “she explained.

When her mother woke up the next morning, around 5:00 am, she noticed a young man roaming around the house.

She claimed that when her daughter, Doowuese Sarah Takor, approached the young man, he came over to give her Veronica’s phone and told her that Veronica and her friends were drinking somewhere before she collapsed.

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