Timothy Adegoke: Court Dismiss ‘No Case Submission’ Which Adedoyin And Others Filed Saying They Are Not Involved In The Murder

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The Osun State High Court has dismissed a “no case submission” which the counsel for Rahman Adedoyin and seven others filed as they faced trial for the alleged killing of Timothy Adegoke.

Timothy Adegoke was an NBA student at Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, who people said was missing and was discovered dead.

The prosecution counsel, M.O. Omosun, wanted the court to dismiss the case against all the defendants as they had not established prema facie based on all the evidence presented before the court.

In her ruling, Justice Adepele Ojo considered all the exhibits, which all the witnesses had presented, and the one thing the court admitted as evidence, namely, a prema facie, meaning the prosecution counsel must prove the case beyond reasonable doubt.

Evidence does not connect Adedoyin and the others to the murder of Timothy Adegoke (Evidence No. 2), and this was revealed by the lawyers.

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The Judge said the prosecution was able to establish a prema facie through all the witnesses that Timothy Adegoke was lodged in the Hilton Honour Hotel, Ile-Ife, and that his body was interfered with and disrespectfully evacuated.

She then discharged the “no case submission” filed by counsel for all the defendants and ordered that they present their defence.

Responding to the ruling, one of the defence counsels, Kehinde Eleja, SAN, told the court that they were not ready to immediately file a defence since they were not sure of what the ruling was going to be.

He then told the court that the defence counsel would require time to prepare their defence.

Justice Ojo adjourned the case till April 25, 2022, for the hearing of the defense.

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