“How They Planned To Frame, Video Me With Prostitutes Before Killing Me” – Father Mbaka

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The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Father Ejike Mbaka, reveals how they planned to frame him using prostitutes after his meeting with the Catholic Diocese of Enugu in May 2021.

Father Mbaka claimed that they were planning to kidnap him and drag him through a place where prostitutes live in Enugu state, and he would afterwards be recorded naked.

He stated that they wanted to carry out their plan after he left a meeting with Callistus Onaga, the Catholic Bishop of the Enugu Diocese.

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While he was giving his new year message on New Year’s Day, Father Ejike Mbaka revealed how Callistus Onaga told him to shut down his adoration ministry in Enugu for a month and should retreat.

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He added that Onaga had cautioned him against meddling in politics.

He obeyed Onaga’s order, but then the Holy Spirit ministered to him to not park “anywhere”.

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“I didn’t know I was being tracked that night. The next day, you people started searching for me.”

“They planned to capture me that night and drag me to Cubana (hotel) and take me to Mobil, where prostitutes stay, and then take me around (there) and then show video of me in the place (brothel) so that people would ask what Mbaka was searching for in the brothel.” Father Mbaka said.

Father Ejike Mbaka

“Then, they will again drag me to Igboeze, another spot for prostitutes. That’s where they planned to nab themselves, not me.”

“So, then people would begin to ask what I was doing naked in a prostitute’s spot. Then, they will take me to Abuja, and the story will be that they will kill themselves, not me.” He added

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