BBTitans: “I Don’t Like Khosi And She Will Be The Cause Of Miracle’s Downfall” – Blue Aiva Tells Big Brother (Video)

Blue Aiva

Big Brother invited each housemate individually to their diary session today. Big Brother invited them one by one and asked who they nominated and why.

Blue Aiva explained to Big Brother that she chose Khosicle because she dislikes Khosi. She explained to Big Brother that she is more friends with Miracle than with Khosi, which is why she nominated them.

Blue Aiva

Blue Aiva went on to tell Big Brother that she dislikes Khosi because she gives her negative vibes in the house, most likely due to Yemi.

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She claimed that if she had known Khosi, she would not have nominated them, and that Miracle is now paying for her transgressions. She also told Big Brother that she chose Khosicle because they are both competitive.

Blue Aiva also revealed to Big Brother that Khosi teases her because of Yemi, but she doesn’t mind because it doesn’t affect her.


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