RCCG Pastor And 22 Artisans Stuck In Rubble In Collapsed 21-Storey Building

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Unfortunately, it was confirmed by a friend and pastor, Mr. Emmanuel Omotosho, that his friend and pastor of the RCCG Christian Church Of God, Ola Ogunfuwa, and 22 other artisans are among the people still yet to be found and rescued, either dead or alive, from thee 21-storey building that collapsed on Ikoyi.

Mr. Emmanuel confesses that he remembered his fellow pastor and friend was an engineer and came to work for the Ikoyi building agency as a contractor.

21-storey building

And while he, Mr. Ola Ogunfuwa, was coming for the job, he called 22 more people (artisans, bricklayers, and more) all the way from Ibafo, Ogun State, in order to get more hands on deck as the job seemed quite a task.

However, on Monday, Mr. Ola Ogunfuwa left his work to take a break and eat, but as he washed his hands to begin, his boss called him immediately to do something.

After 5-10 minutes on Monday November 1, the 21-storey building collapsed, and both Mr. Ola Ogunfuwa and his assistants (the 22 artisans) were trapped in the rubble.

More at NewsPlanet Nigeria

And they have yet to be found or rescued, whether they are dead or alive.

Mr. Emmanuel also told news reporters that he and the church members are still praying and hoping on God because He never fails, and that He will rescue both Pastor Ola and the 22 artisans from the accident and crash.

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