President Buhari Reveals Why He Did Not Assent To The Electoral Act Amendment Bill

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The President of Nigeria, President Buhari, revealed to the National Assembly why he did not agree to assent to the Electoral Act Amendment Bill.

Today, the Senate and House of Representatives read the Nigerian president’s letter where he gave the reason why he did not assent to the ammendment bill.

Before the Senate read his letter, they went into a closed-door session to discuss what was in it.

It was after the close-door session that the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan, revealed the president’s reason through the letter.

President Buhari

In the letter, President Buhari said it was the primaries clause that made him make his decision.

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The president said that the primaries clause would cause many problems, like the cost of doing direct primaries.

And he added that costing money will increase the Nigerian federal government’s financial problems because it is expensive to conduct.

He explained that, apart from the cost of money that is involved, direct primaries would not allow small parties to shine.

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The President also revealed the final reason, and it was security. He added that the case of security in the country is a matter which concerns voters as it is they who will gather in a certain place because of the election.

Finally, the president left the decision on the best way to pick candidates in the hands of the political parties.

He added that his position on the Electoral Act Amendment Bill is based on careful review and consultation.

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