Pregnant Woman And 5 People Die After Being Hit By A Tanker

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Yesterday evening, six people were confirmed dead and three people seriously injured when a water tanker skidded, crushing the victims at Nza Street, which is located in Independence Layout, Enugu state.

A man who was an eye witness of the incident said the driver of the water tanker lost control of the vehicle and when it skidded, it crashed into a Keke maruwa which was parked by a loading spot in a popular joint in the area.

The eyewitness said the tanker, which was coming from UNICEF, obviously lost its break and came crashing into the keke drivers that were loading opposite the Bush Bar.

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The eye witness added that the tanker continued moving and it hit a woman who was heavily pregn

The woman and her child died immediately when she was hit,

The eyewitness added that the tanker did not stop, it continued moving and ended up in a compound where it hit a lot of people, and 4 died.

After the accident, the tanker driver disappeared from the scene as a mob went after him.

Tanker accident

After the incident, the Governor of Enugu State, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, visited the scene of the incident before he went to the hospital where the injured victims were being taken care of.

The Nigerian Governor sent his condolences to the families and friends of the deceased and pledged to the victims and their families that he would pay their medical bills, and he has made funds available to the hospital to make sure the injured victims are properly treated without any interference.

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