“Pray For Me”- Clem Ohameze, Popular Nollywood Actor, Seeks For Prayers As He Sets To Undergo Surgery

Clem Ohameze

Clem Ohameze, a popular Nollywood actor, has asked Nigerians to pray for him as he prepares for surgery to straighten his cervical vertebrae and strengthen his limbs.

The actor detailed how he was involved in an accident some time ago that injured his lower limbs and, as a result, left him unable to walk in a video that recently leaked online.

clem ohameze

Following a second scan, the actor was informed that he would need to undergo a procedure to separate the cervical vertebrae three and four in order to permanently liberate the spinal cord.

“I was terrified once they showed me the surgery and how it was done.” “I was informed they’re going to cut the neck open and physically separate the cervical vertebrae three and four, then plate it with an iron plate and screws so it’ll be permanent,” he said.

We pray to God to grant him a successful surgery so that he can walk again.

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