Lagos State Police Arrest Man After Burning His Wife Of Over Ten Years Alive With Brother-In-Law

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In Lagos State, Police arrested a man after burning his wife of over ten years alive.

The man, who is in his 50s, is also accused of burning his brother-in-law at the same time.

A day after the incident generated anger among the people, that’s when the police arrested him for burning both his wife and brother-in-law with petrol.

It was a woman identified as Chinyere Ogudoro, who had just come back to Nigeria from Scotland, who was burned immediately in the fire, dying instantly.

A family member stated that her younger brother died while being carried to the hospital.

The two siblings were members of a family of five — four women and one man.

Man burns wife to death

Chinyer died at the age of 48, while her brother was the family’s only son and the last born at the age of 31.

Chinyere has four children with her husband, who was arrested by police in May 2021.

Edna Durueke, the victims’ 64-year-old aunty, said that the incident occurred on March 31, 2022, when the woman had just returned from Scotland.

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Couple found dead in Lagos apartment

“The house is located in Abule Ado, before the Lagos trade fair area,” she explained.

She said, “Her first night was as she returned, and unfortunately, she did not see the next day.”

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Durueke claimed that her husband and wife had agreed to settle their dispute before she traveled abroad, but the wife was unaware that the man was still irritated.

She claimed that they later discovered that what made the man was that he discovered that the woman had only put her name as the owner of the house in which they lived.

My niece is a banker. She did well in Nigeria before traveling. Before she traveled, she lived in a rented apartment in Dopemu.

She later gathered money to buy land in Abule Ado and later built a house. Later, she got a student visa to travel to Scotland. The visa allowed her to carry her family, so she carried the four children and her husband. ”

“Nobody knows what made her husband decide to remain in Nigeria. But she came later to see that the man was trying to sell the house. Unfortunately, he could not sell it because the woman’s name was on all the documents.

“This was what made him angry,” she explained.

Police claim that the younger brother made a “dying declaration” before he died.

Benjamin Hundeyin, spokesperson for the Lagos police, said the command obtained comments from the brother made before he died.

All the words the brother said before he died are documented.

As they came back, the couple started quarreling, before everyone went to sleep, and as they were sleeping, they noticed a wet and cold substance on their bodies. ”

As they opened their eyes, they realized that he had poured petrol on them. Everything happened very quickly, and before they knew it, he lit matches, running across the room, locking them to burn inside. ”

“This was what her brother narrated before he died,” the police said.

“The man died as they carried him to the third hospital,” Edna Durueke added.

She said neighbors did not know what to do because it was at midnight.

Hospitals kept on rejecting him, he was burned badly and sadly did not make it.

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