“If they b0rn you well, insu|t me and my Phynation again” – Phyna Runs Insu|ts At Daniella’s Brother

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Big Brother Naija Level Up winner, Phyna Runs insults at Daniella’s brother after he tagged her on Twitter.

The reality TV star slammed him for criticizing her fanbase “Phynation”.

Calling them toxic, he claimed her fans were harassing his sister, Daniella, and he expected the BBNaija winner to warn them, but she did not.

In his words;

“Phyna nation did this. @unusualphyna knew this was going on and decided to say nothing out of anger for her own. Because we don’t have much a voice. People forget where they started from. God is in control.

Ridiculous, toxic fans, and people. You left a reality show game. Leave and doing nonsense carrying beef. Very immature,” Roosevelt wrote.


Phyna saw his post and was so enraged by it that she took to his comment section to slam him.

The Edo queen described him as a failed human and warned him not to go anywhere where she could catch him someday.

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The BBNaija star stated that she did nothing but love Daniella during and after the reality show, and she does not understand why he tagged her in a ‘nonsense’ post.

She said;

”You just a bastard of a thousand father, e be like say crase dy your head, you miserable failed human, just not let me catch you one day all I ever did was love your sister and you come here dy tag me to nonsense e be like thunder wan strike you this night.”

Roosevelt, on the other hand, claimed that he never said anything negative about her fanbase.

”Never insulted you nor your fanbase. Im glad you know how too address something.”

Roosevelt was later blocked my Phyna.

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