People Die As Boat Capsizes In Kano State

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Many Nigerians have died after a boat capsized in the Bagwai river, Kano state.

Authorities revealed they recovered seven bodies out of 19 bodies found yesterday. But the rescue operatives have been still searching for survivors or bodies since this morning.

Eyewitnesses said the boat sank because of overload.

Ismail Wakili, who is one of the people who assisted the operation after the boat capsized, said they had removed 19 bodies from the kano state river.

People Die As Boat Capsizes In Kano State

Reports said that the boat carried more than 50 people from the village of Badau to the town of Bagwai, where they wanted to attend an Islamic religious ceremony yesterday afternoon.

But it is not yet clear why the boat capsized.

“At the moment, they removed 19 dead bodies from the river, but we stopped the search yesterday because it was getting dark, so we resumed this morning.” Ismail Wakili said.

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“Most of the passengers are Islamic students who were going to the Maulid programme. It was the only boat that the whole town used. The other boat, which was given by the government to us, got damaged.” Ismail Wakili added

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