Meet Patricia Kingori, The Youngest Black Professor In Oxford University History

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A Kenyan academic, Patricia Kingori, has become the youngest black professor at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Professor Patricia Kingori is also one of the youngest women to ever be awarded a full professorship in Oxford University’s 925-year history.

She is a sociologist who is based at the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities and the Ethox Centre.

Oxford University awarded her the historic award because of the quality and global impact of her research on academia and beyond.

Patricia Kingori

Sociologist and now-professor, Patricia Kingori, is also currently the recipient of a popular Wellcome Senior Investigator award and leads an interdisciplinary team of researchers.

The team investigates global issues which revolve around fabrication, fakes and falsehoods in the 21st century.

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The professor also always collects big competitive funding grants to carry out research. She has taught hundreds of students and has supervised many DPhil students during her time in Oxford.

“To have my body of work recognised in this way is a great honour, and I am deeply grateful to the many people who have inspired and supported me so far.” She said this after receiving her award.

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Figures from January showed that just 1% of U.K. university professors are black.

Many people have described Professor Patricia Kingori as a “woman of many firsts” and a “trailblazer”.

Young professor Patricia Kingori is a British-Kenyan sociologist but is Kenyan-born. Patricia was born in Kenya and grew up in Saint Kitts and moved to London when she was a teenager. Her research is considered the experience of frontline health workers around the world.

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Her research interests cut across STS, sociology of science and medicine, bioethics, pseudoscience, and misinformation.

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Patricia has broad experience of undertaking critical examinations of ethics in practice in different countries, which includes South East Asia and South Africa.

The young professor has also acted as an adviser to multiple organizations, which include Save the Children, the WHO, Medecins San Frontieres, the Obama administration White House Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment for Africa Initiative, and the Nuffield Council of Bioethics.

Last year, she became one of the six trustees of the Medical Research Foundation who are responsible for the funding priorities of their 60 million pound budget.

She had her academic degrees from London University, and is the sister of Vogue’s United Kingdom Magazine Editor, Vanessa Kingori, and the daughter of the owner of the Grange Healthcare Facility in Ottleys.

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