Our Employer Paid Us 2000 Naira To Kill An 85-Year-Old Man For Allegedly Casting A Spell On her Son — Suspects Tell Adamawa Police 

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Two suspects have been arrested in Adamawa State in connection with the brutal killing of an 85-year-old man in Shimba, Song Local Government Area of the state.

The suspects, Gayawan Danzaria, 22, and Thank-God Obadia, 18, were apprehended on Thursday, September 8.

They were allegedly hired by a woman who is currently on the run. According to them, the woman hired them to kill a man she claimed was a wizard who had cast a spell on her son.


The suspects demanded N5000 from her in order to carry out the murder. However, the instigator paid a N2000 deposit and promised to pay the balance after the act was completed.

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After receiving the partial payment, Thank-God armed himself with an a#e and stormed the deceased’s home at 10:00 a.m. while everyone was asleep. He found him lying down in his apartment and mercilessly hit him with the aze on his forehead.

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