Osun Ritual Murder: New Facts Emerge as Lawyers Allege Cover-up

Osun ritual murder
Ritual murder case takes new turn

The scandal rocking Hilton Hotel and its founder Dr Rahman Adedoyin over the Osun ritual murder has continued to generate reactions from well meaning Nigerians.

This time, the lawyers in charge of the case are seeking fair processes and justice, accusing the Nigeria Police of bias and cover up.

The hotel owner is wealthy and he has chains of businesses across Nigeria. When the incident of the death of the OAU Master degree student named Timothy Adegoke became public, there was anger against the hotel owner, that he uses tenants in his hotel for ritual.

But emerging facts from the Osun ritual murder by the police shows that the body of the victim has not been mutilated as earlier alleged by the deceased family. The lawyers als accused the police of claiming that the death of the student has nothing to with rituals as has earlier been speculated by the media. They also do not intend to charge the owner of the hotel despite heavy public outcry over the matter.

Rather, the son of the owner of the hotel who is the Managing Director (MD) of Hilton hotel where the victim lodged before his death was accused of dumping the man’s body in the bush, in a shallow grave without the knowledge of the police. The lawyers think that it is a plow to manipulate the Osun ritual murder case.

This takes the case away from the owner of the hotel who owns chains of businesses in Nigeria. But the Lawyers in charge of the deceased case are not taking the new twist lightly. They insist that all the accused including the Owner of the hotel must prove their innocence in court.

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Kayode Ajulo a constitutional lawyer who owns Kayode Ajulo & Co. Castle of Law has released a public statement via their official Facebook page accusing the Nigeria police of trying to cover-up the case and twist the facts.

They base their accusation on the grounds that autopsy of the corpse have not been released by experts hence the police were not right to say that it was not a ritual murder case. Also, they questioned why the son of the hotel owner who allegedly dumped the body is yet to be apprehended.

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