No Matter How Rich You Are, If You Are From A Poor Nation, You Are Poor — Peter Obi

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A few years ago, I heard of a Prof. of medicine who had an accident somewhere up north – Peter Obi said

He was rushed to a nearby health facility but there were no cannulas to set emergency lines and no other basic materials for an emergency intervention for him. He died. A Prof. of medicine.

If you know what it cost him and the system to get to that level, (a bag of cannulas won’t cost you up to the equivalent of a short bread and a chilled cola drink), he is rich, well informed, but from a poor country.

A professor of medicine also died recently from an asthmatic attack… I think in Calabar, among the stories surrounding his death, I heard about intervention not coming as fast as it should or his car getting involved in traffic or mob interference or the emergency ambulance that came to rescue him not having what it takes to sustain him. One fact was that he died partly because of our disorganised and chaotic nature as a nation.

Peter Obi

He is a rich man from a poor nation.

So many professors, army generals, and scarce experts have fallen prey to bandits, thugs, and kidnappers in a manner that makes life look cheap and brutish…

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They are rich but from a poor nation.

Many people who can afford expensive surgeries and medical care have died because fake drugs were administered to them. Instead of healing, they got infected and died from the complications. Yes, they were able to afford their medical care, but they died nonetheless.

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They were rich folks from that type of nation.

There is no end to such illustrations.

Being rich in a poor nation is just being in one big gutter with others, only that your part of the gutter seems neater than those on the other side… but when the flood comes, it touches everyone to a certain degree.

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