Netflix Launches Five Games For Smartphones

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Netflix launches its first games worldwide as it breaks into the game subscription market.

Starting yesterday, on the 2nd of November, 2021, the broadcasting company will begin to give updates about which games are available for download on their Netflix app on Android smartphones.

Although Netflix revealed that the games are still in their very early stages, They added that they have plans to create games for every kind of player.

Netflix games

Whether you are hungry for a casual game which you can start from scratch or for something that will make you dig deeper into your favourite stories, We want to start building a game library that will give updates on the games to every subscriber.” The broadcasting company’s head of game development, Mike Verdu, said

Subscribers will get access to five mobile games, and adverts will not be displayed in the games.

There will be no in-app purchases even though the feature is common with mobile games on app stores.

More at NewsPlanet Nigeria

Out of the five games, the broadcasting company launched two that are linked to the popular streaming series “Stranger Things”

This week’s release is only for Android phones and tablets as Netflix reveals that games for iOS devices will be coming up in months.

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