BBTitans: Nelisa Exposes Secrets About House Ships, Spills Tea About Lovers

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BBTitans‘ star Nelisa has subtly revealed information about her costars’ romantic life.

There have been rumors that Nelisa reconnected with one of her costars’. She’s been called a variety of derogatory names for returning to the degrading relationship she had in the house. The video clips of her and the thabang that fans have seen have resulted in fan abuse.

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Being on board a ship would also mean the end of some other ships that fans hoped would sail. There was no statement issued to clarify the assumptions.


Nelisa told the public that she didn’t do anything outside the house. The only ship she is interested in, according to her post, is the one between herself and her fanbase. Her post was generalized, so it’s unclear whether she was speaking on all ships or just hers.

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