Ned Nwoko Reacts To Rumors About Why He Divorced His Morrocan Ex-Wife, Laila Charani

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Famous Nigerian lawyer, billionaire, philanthropist and philanthropist, Ned Nwoko, has reacted to rumors about why he divorced his fifth wife, Laila Charani.

Rumors say on social media that it was because his wife and actress, Regina Daniels, used an aphrodisiac. That was why the billionaire divorced his Moroccan wife and model, Laila Charani.

Laila Charani, a Moroccan model and mother of three children, Not too long ago, she posted on her social media account that her fans and followers should stop talking about her marriage to her ex-husband as there is nothing going on between them anymore.

Ned Nwoko Reacts To Rumors About Why He Divorced His Morrocan Ex-Wife, Laila Charani

Regina Daniels came out to deny that she used Kayanmata. She only did an advert for the product and that was it, adding that she had never used it before.

But now Ned Nwoko has reacted to the rumors on social media. He said he had wanted to ignore the rumors, but he had changed his mind because of what the rumors were doing to his family.

He added that the rumors are making people have bad impressions of him and his family, and that he does not want anything to spoil his reputation.

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It is not yet clear why the two divorced, but according to a statement which Ned Nwoko’s media team released, when Laila Charani and their children went for a holiday in London, Laila neglected their children.

They added that she was violent to them, was maltreating them, she exposed their children anyhow, and her character was not pure in any way.

“She did plastic surgery without telling her husband. She is wayward. She will go to clubs, leaving her children on their own to the extent that they damaged properties in the hotel where they lodged. She followed another man somewhere. She had issues with the man to the extent that she sued him and did not inform her husband about the whole situation. ” The statement said

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The statement added that when Ned Nwoko asked her about the situation, the only thing she said was that someone set her up.

That was why Ned Nwoko did not want to see her when she returned to Nigeria from the trip because he didn’t allow that kind of attitude from his wife, the statement said.

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