“NANS Will Close Down Nigeria If FG Removes The Fuel Subsidy” – Sunday Asefon

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The President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Sunday Adedayo Asefon, has warned the federal government that the union will close down Nigeria if the federal government removes fuel subsidies.

Sunday Asefon stated that this is the time to respond to the federal government, especially since the minister of finance, budget, and planning, Zainab Ahmed, said that the federal government has the intention of removing fuel subsidies by February next year and giving the poorest 40 million pipo transportation money of five thousand naira each.

Sunday Asefon

“Nigeria will close down if the federal government attempts to remove the fuel subsidy as they have allegedly proposed.” He said

“I will say it again, Nigeria will close down if the federal government attempts to remove the fuel subsidy as they allegedly proposed” He repeated.

Sunday Asefon also said that this is not the right time for the Federal government to talk about fuel subsidy, as the price of things in Nigeria is rising nationwide and many Nigerians are not receiving good salaries.

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“We are also worried about the plan of the Federal government paying 40 million poorest Nigerians, N5,000 next year. If the Federal government is sincere and they really want to do this for the interest of every citizen in this country..”

“They said the money they will pay every year for subsidy is 1.8 trillion naira, and they said they will give 40 million poorest nigerians, 5,000 naira each, but when we calculated it, it is 2.8 trillion naira, the Government will actually spend every year on Nigerians” He added

“The 2.8 trillion naira which the government wants to pay Nigerians every year for transport is another window of corruption.” Sunday Asefon added

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“We are still wondering how the Federal government wants to select the 40 million people who will benefit with the system which does not have good database to know the number of citizens and competent classification of people who really need help” Sunday Asefon stated.

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