BBTitans: “My Husband” – Blue Aiva Calls Yemi (Video)

BBTitans: "My Husband" - Blue Aiva Calls Yemi (Video)

Blue Aiva called Yemi her husband earlier today, and he was pleased because he did not react when she called him her husband. Yemi and Blue Aiva spoke briefly, and he asked her some questions about Nelisa, to which she responded intelligently.

Big Brother summoned all housemates to the diary room for their diary session, and when it came to Yemi and his Nelisa’s turn, she complained to Big Brother that she doesn’t like being referred to as an investigator by her colleagues.

BBTitans: "My Husband" - Blue Aiva Calls Yemi (Video)

Big Brother told her to smile because she wasn’t an investigator and shouldn’t be depressed by what others said.

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Big Brother literally asked all housemates who they would nominate, and the majority of them said they wouldn’t know until the head of house task was completed. For Yemi to accept the name Blue Aiva gave him, it’s clear that he likes her, despite his claims that he’s angry with her.


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