“My Father Is A Friend To The Chief Justice, You Cannot Do Anything To Us” – One Of The Bullies Who Attacked Sylvester Oromoni, Says

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One of the bullies who attacked Sylvester Oromoni has revealed that his father is a friend to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, so because of that, No one can do anything to the bullies or have proof against the bullies in court.

This was revealed in a screenshot which showed an anonymous instagram user who claimed to be one of the bullies who Attacked sylvester, and another instagram user who he threatened to stop petitioning on Sylvester Oromoni’s death.

One Of The Bullies Who Attacked Sylvester Oromoni, Says

“We will deal with this case and nothing will happen, let’s bet. I swear i would give you 500k and do that same. What can’t money do in this country called nigeria” He said

“My dad is a good friend to the chief justice, so that’s why I’m not bothering.”

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“We Did Not Kill Sylvester Oromoni, He Died 3 Days After We Beat Him” – Anonymous

The anonymous user threatened the other person saying that he should stop posting about justice and petitions on Sylvester’s death on his instagram and even told him that he could give his 500 thousand naira to bribe the other user to stop the posts, adding that that’s the same way he would deal with the case if possible.

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