Mechanic Tells The Story Of How 98 People Died In A Tanker Explosion In Sierra Leone

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In Sierra Leone, the Director of Communications in the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), Mohammed Lamarana, says they have opened a command centre in the area where a tanker explosion killed 98 people in East Freetown, Wellington.

This came after the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) confirmed that 98 people had died and 92 critically injured people were in hospitals.

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The director of communications said they opened a command centre so they could coordinate relief support for the families of those who died and even those who were critically injured in the incident.

“The government’s response was very quick and since yesterday we have been on the scene to make sure that we secure the area after the incident happened.” Mohammed Lamarana said:

A vehicle mechanic who was present at the scene of the accident, Mohamed Turay, said the tanker explosion was the same as the accident which happened on Friday night after the accident between fuel tankers in Wellington.

Tanker Explosion

He added that people gathered to take fuel which was leaking from the tanker when the accident first happened.

Furthermore, some people raised alarms to those who were taking the leaking fuel, telling them to leave the scene, but they did not listen, and as a result, they died.

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