Man Shoots Girlfriend Over Breakup

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James Eno shoots his (ex) girlfriend in her house in Warri, Delta State.

The Delta State police force were the ones who confirmed the incident and said they had begun their investigation into the case.

Ex-girlfriend Emezena Purity, who was in her hospital bed, narrated how James Eno visited her home and pulled out a pistol, shooting her after she asked for them to break up.

More at NewsPlanet Nigeria

“We had some issues and I found out some things about him, so I asked that we separate. But I did not tell him directly. ” Purity revealed.

Emezana Purity added that her ex-boyfriend accused her of dating her colleague in her working place, but she denied the accusation, saying she and the supposed colleague are just neighbours.

“He did not believe me, so I decided to break up with him because of the constant quarrel.” Purity is added

Purity decided to leave James, and that’s when he got angry, saying he wanted to collect the money he had given her to start her business.

Man shoots girlfriend over breakup

“The way he was talking, made my mother advise me that the guy could do something bad to me.” Purity revealed:

“So my family told him that he should give us time and that we would pay him back the money gradually. And he accepted.” She added

But James Eno was not patient with them.

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