BBTitans: “Let Your Eyes Better Not Be On Kanaga” – Tsatsii Warns Khosi (Video)

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Khosi has been bothered for some time now, and it’s all because of Yemi. She had been discussing her feelings with her colleagues, and some of them told her that she was being too quick to develop feelings for Yemi.

Khosi was recently seen conversing with Tsatsii, and their topic of conversation was Yemi. Tsatsii calmed her down and told her to think about why she was in the house.

She explained that she chose to compete in the show for the grand prize rather than for any romantic reasons.


Khosi’s conversation with Tsatsii suggests that she quickly regretted having feelings for Yemi because it was probably distracting her.

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According to her statement, she felt she chose too soon and her gaze is elsewhere, but she can’t do anything about it. Tsatsii responded to her statement by saying that if her gaze is elsewhere, it should not be in her Kanaga.

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