BBTitans: Khosi Cries Over Yemi Cregx And Blue Aiva

Yemi Cregx and Blue Aiva Khosi

Since the conclusion of the BBTITANS, there has been drama outside the house. Fans have been kept entertained by the drama of these ex-housemates.

Fans have accused Khosi of weeping over Yemi Cregx. Although the star claimed to be unconcerned about her ex-boyfriend and Blue Aiva, it appears that fans have reason to doubt her.

According to a Twitter user, the BBTITANS winner has been crying over her Nigerian lover. “She keeps crying and asking if Yemi will ever forgive her,” a fan with insider information said.

Yemi Cregx and Blue Aiva


They claim that Khosi was in tears at Beauty Tukura’s beach party, which was attended by Yemi Cregx and Blue Aiva.

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According to fans, the winner sobbed and confessed her desire to reconcile with Yemi Cregx.

The fan claims to have obtained this information from an insider. She claimed that this insider told her everything over the phone. Khosi’s hatred for Blue Aiva was also confirmed by the insider. She also revealed that her attempts to contact Yemi Cregx were futile.

Do we trust this insider source? Is this just a ploy to tarnish Khosi’s name?

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