BBTitans: Khosi and Yemi Break Record, Makes History


These two Bbtitans housemates never fail to amuse viewers. Khosi and Yemi’s actions have sparked outrage on the internet. Fans are not only surprised, but also delighted by the new development.

Since the beginning of their exclusivity, these two have been juggling from one argument to the next, and it’s a wonder they’re still in a relationship this late in the game.

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Fans have grown accustomed to their squabbling, and they are now known as the problem couple, always involved in one drama or another. It has become a source of entertainment for viewers who are interested in shipping them.


They decided to change the story yesterday. They stayed the entire day with no reason to argue or settle a pending issue. They were all lovey-dovey and pretended to be the ideal couple.

Fans were overjoyed and thought it was a record-breaking day for them. Staying without wanting to tear each other apart was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the Khoyemi ship.

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