How A Keke Driver Returned 500,000 Naira To A Passenger

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40-year-old Keke driver, Akilu Haruna, told the story of how he returned 500, 000 naira to a passenger.

He revealed that in the afternoon, he picked three passengers who were going to Terminus, an area in Jos city.

He dropped the passengers and drove to the keke park where he bought something for his family.

After some time, he carried a passenger, who later found a bag in the passenger seats.

Keke Driver Akilu Haruna

After he dropped the passenger, Akilu Haruna opened the bag and found 500,000 naira among other things.

“The first thing that came to my mind was those three passengers who I dropped off at Terminus area.” Akilu Haruna said

“Because they were market people and while I was carrying them, they were discussing about the money.” He added

“Even though I did not have money at the time, and 500,000 naira is money which I have never held before, I had no desire to spend the money. Because I know that God will not like it and it is a big sin in Islam.” He stated.

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Akilu Haruna revealed that he rushed to the place where he dropped the three passengers only to find them there, thinking of how to find thinking of how to find the money.

The following day, Akilu Haruna visited the Emir of Wase Palace to see if they had held a ceremony to celebrate him.

“On Friday, a mall called me on the phone, asking for my name, saying that they had found out about my story and wanted me to visit the Emir of Wase Palace the following day as the Sultan had a gift for me.” He said.

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“The happiness on their faces was extraordinary because they thought that their money had gone.” Akilu Haruna added.

“They hugged me and gave me 5,000 naira and also collected my number.” He stated.

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