BBTitans: Kanaga Replies Tsatsii After She Said She Wants Him


Kamaga and Tsatsi are two of Big Brother Titans‘ closest housemates. Tsatsi told Kanaga during a conversation that she wanted him and that she enjoyed seeing him every day.

She put it this way: “I don’t need you; I want you.” She further stated that if she discovers that she’s already missing him, she will just come to him.

Kanaga immediately responded to Tsatsi by saying, “What do you want me for?” As regards this, Tsatsii stated that she wants him because he’s pleasant.


“I don’t know, you’re pleasant, and I like seeing you every day,” she said.

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“No man would want to date a girl like Phyna” – BBTitans Theo

Kanaga, on the other hand, responded by saying, “Thank you baby, I like seeing you every day too. I know that I play with everybody but because I’m already always with you, I’m never going to disrespect you by having sexual talks with others. Even though what we have is not defined, I don’t want to ruin anything by moving weird.”

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