#JusticeForSylvester: Nigerians Debate Which School Is Better, Boarding Or Day School?

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Following the death of Dowen College student Sylvester Oromoni, Nigerians are bringing up a debate known as “the school bullying debate” across the country using the hashtag # justiceforsylvester.

Another debate which his death brought up was whether day-schooling alone can stop bullying problems that children are going through in boarding school.

Sylvester Oromoni died on November 30, 2021, and his cause of death is still not clear.

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Although his school and the scene of the incident, Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos, claimed that he played football and sustained injuries that led to his death,

But his parents said their child told them before he died that five students beat him because he did not want to join a cult.

Most Nigerians claim that boarding schools are not safe for children, while some say boarding schools and day schools have their own disadvantages and problems.

#JusticeForSylvester: Nigerians Debate Which School Is Better, Boarding Or Day School?

Some Nigerians believe that boarding and day schools have their own problems and disadvantages, but the majority believe that it is the management that determines which school is better.

Many students who attend boarding schools shared their experience, saying their experience was bad.

Some said they prefer day school because they went through hell when in boarding school because of bullying and punishments.

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