BBTitans: Juicy Jay Thinks Of Breaking Up With Yvonne

Juicy Jay Thinks Of Break up with Yvonne

Juicy Jay has recently been experiencing an existential crisis. This week, the South African BBTitans star and his partner Olivia are on the outside looking in. Olivia has been depressed and has relied on her partner for support.

However, Juicy Jay is now the one who requires comfort. Juicy Jay and Olivia discussed his relationship with Yvonne yesterday. Olivia admitted that she is aware that he is smitten by her friend. She revealed that their constant PDA was proof of their love.

Juicy Jay Thinks Of Break up with Yvonne

He told Olivia that he was thinking about ending his relationship with Yvonne. He was depressed.

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He was afraid of the outside world and thought he might have to end the relationship. “She is a dime”, says Juicy Jay.

He believes Yvonne may have many suitors outside, and he is unsure if she would still want him. He believes that preparing to end the relationship is preferable to being heartbroken.

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