Jennifer Lopez Marries Total Stranger In New Rom-com ‘Marry Me’

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Universal Pictures has released a trailer for one of its upcoming motion film shows to coincide with Valentine’s Day next year, which starrs Jennifer Lopez.

‘Marry Me,’ also starring Owen Wilson, Maluma, and Game of Thrones’ John Bradly, is a romantic comedy that reveals as much as it can.

Jennifer Lopez marry me

In the cheerful trailer, an unusual and amazing wedding takes place between professional singer Arabian tea Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) and an unmarried highschool maths teacher Charlie (Owen Wilson) at Kat’s concert, which draws over twenty million people.

Her wedding vows to her swain Bastian are said to be recited by Arabian tea (Maluma). So, alone on the altar-like stage, Kat says yes to a random guy [Charlie] in the crowd clutching a ‘marry me’ banner on the spur of the moment.

More at NewsPlanet Nigeria

Realizing what they’ve done, the group comes up with the idea of giving the wedding a chance to be real so they can finish the narrative and decide whether or not they’re married.

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