Jaruma’s Kayanmata Not Responsible For Ned Nwoko And Laila’s Divorce

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Hauwa Saidu, also known as Jaruma, has slammed Ned Nwoko’s reaction to her husband’s departure despite the fact that she sells aphrodisiac (kayanmata also known as s*x enhancer).

In the video, She shared a video on her social media handle, and in the video, she said she is not happy about how Ned Nwoko, whom Nigerians respect, would go on social media and say bad things about his wife, whom he has been married to for many years.

However, Ned Nwoko replied by questioning why the businesswoman’s marriage did not work in an Instagram post that he made on November 8, 2021.

Jaruma and Ned

Ned Nwoko has been responding to reports about how he divorced his Moroccan wife, Laila Charani.

“Those who claimed that her aphrodisiac worked on me and that it was the reason my wife, Laila, left me, that kind of speculation is baseless and laughable.”

“To clear the record, let us ask… Jaruma married a young man. How come the marriage that produced a child ended barely in one year? How come the aphrodisiac did not work on her ex-husband? Gullible fans do not know that the ex-husband left her despite the aphrodisiac effects on him. What a joke, ” Ned Nwoko reacted to Jaruma’s video.

“Ned said her husband left her two years ago, but the man never said anything bad about her, and she never said anything bad about the man either.”

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“People are now moving on after his wife, Regina Daniels, denied that she had used her aphrodisiac, but Ned still came back three weeks later to say the worst things about her.”

“If her aphrodisiac did not work, Ned should try to think about it. A 21-year-old girl would not be able to control him and his media team to type five pages about Laila, his ex-wife, and Jaruma,” she added.

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She added that she has made more money as she showed a paper which she called bank statement of the money which she had made since Regina posted disclaimer saying she does not use her product. She urged Ned to confirm with his bank friends whether it was true or not.

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She added that Ned did not do a good thing when he talked about her and his marriage, but she said she is happy that she got more followers and customers after he released the bad post about her.

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