Is Non-Marital Kissing An Act Of Fornicating?

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I don’t know what really made me ask myself this question, is non-marital kissing an act of fornicating?

Oh, i remember, i saw a video where a Pastor spoke about it. And in that moment my so called guy crush (don’t mind me calling him that, he can be annoying at sometimes) said he would like to hug, kiss, and spend time in each other’s arms when we meet.

When i read his text, i blushed and imagined how it would feel like. Then, i scrolled through my Facebook feed and saw this video. After i watched it, i asked a few of my friends, posted it on Facebook as well and Whatsapp status, and got series of answers.

Honestly, some where fun and others were very reasonable. I know you’re dying to know what they said, and the answer to such question. Well, let me first recall to your memory this Bible quote;

“FLEE also from youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.” 2 Timothy 2:22 KJV

What do you think is termed as “Youthful Lust”? Yes, it includes kissing and much more. Though, the world is doing it like its a normal thing amongst humans, you can choose to change it and choose to please the LORD.

Non-marital kissing

The Pastor said;

“If you are kissing your significant other whom you are not married to yet, do you kiss and put your hands in your pockets or just fold them around your chest?” I guess that is a NO! One would start touching and smooching and romancing and that would lead to the main thing itself, SEX.

So, Kissing between two unmarried people can indeed be termed as the beginning of fornication.

Indeed, no one is a saint. Even i have done this act before, little did i know that it was a sin before my Father in heaven. However, if you as a person choose to change the world, the change MUST start from YOU!

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So, what would you say to him/her who is insisting on kissing you? You tell him or her the truth.

” Hey, babe, i absolutely understand how you feel about us. But, i really want to keep myself for my future husband, God and myself, because i want to please the Lord. I hope you understand and can wait for me, for us.”

Just do your best in all that you do and i hope the LORD GOD, sees you through.



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